Attractions Near Your Blanding Motel

Staying at our Blanding motel means you're an hour and a half or closer to five national parks and monuments. Attractions near Blanding include Four Corners, Lake Powell, Mesa Verde, Edge of the Cedars State Park, Arches, and more. In the canyons surrounding Blanding, you can find stunning rock art and many ancestral dwellings. You'll enjoy everything from ATV trails and hiking to fishing, boating, and sightseeing. Come see the majesty of nature in every direction and stay at our Blanding, Utah motel today.

Blanding, Utah is the town closest to two of Lake Powell's marinas (Hite and Halls Crossing) 90 miles away. Four Corners Monument, where you can stand in four states at once, is only 70 miles away from your motel. Arches National Park, 74 miles away, features high arches formed by running water eroding through stone. 103 miles away is Mesa Verde National Park with its numerous cliff dwelling sites, and Hovenweep National Monument, only 41 miles away, has six Pueblo villages. Your Blanding motel puts you less than one mile from The Dinosaur Museum, Edge of the Cedars State Park, Cedar Mesa Pottery, and great downtown Blanding attractions. Blanding is the perfect base camp for adventure in Southeastern Utah. Contact the Four Corners Inn to learn more about all the attractions and things to do in and around Blanding, Utah. At our Blanding motel you'll get a great motel room and be near all the Blanding, Utah attractions. Book a great Blanding motel now.

Parks and Monuments

Native American Attractions



  • Homestead Steak House – right next door
        (Western food)
  • The Old Tymer – 1 mile (Western food)


History of Blanding

Blanding, originally called Grayson, was founded in 1905 by farmers and ranchers moving up from Bluff, Utah. The area had been home for centuries to numerous Native American groups including the Ancestral Puebloans, Ute, and Navajo. The Ute and Navajo still live here, and the ancient dwellings and rock art of the Ancestral Puebloans dot the landscape and attract visitors to ponder the mysteries of their lifestyle.

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